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Windows 7 Installation … (Updated)

Added on by Ray Insalaco.

I started the move to Windows 7 last night.  Just to make things interesting, I also moved to the 64 bit version.  The base installation was quick and painless.  I was installing on a Dell Latitude D630 with a nVidia video controller.

Windows 7 did a pretty good job of finding and configuring my hardware.  The only drivers that I needed were for the video controller and the finger reader.  Everything seems to be working good and the computer is running noticeable faster with a lower resource usage.

Here is a list of the software that I have had problems with:

  • Alcohol 52% – Alcohol 120% does work and they are working on a update for Alcohol 52%.  This is causing me more irritation than anything.  I have converted all my install CDs to ISO images and use Alcohol to mount them.  Update: There has been a Windows update that has corrected this problem.  See the note below.
  • Acronis True Image Echo Workstation 9.1 – I just get a message that this program will not run on Windows 7.  Nothing that I could find on the Acronis web site, but there is a new version out.  The explorer shell extension seems to be working for browsing previously created images.  I may get stuck purchasing the new version.  I use this for backup and recovery.   Update: Purchased Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Workstation and it supports Windows 7.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition – This installs but would not run until Service Pack 1 was installed.

    Here is a list of the software that has installed without any problems:

    Note: There has been a Windows 7 update for x64 based systems that restores functionality to several programs. (KB974332)

    Back from a busy summer

    Added on by Ray Insalaco.

    Well it has been a while since my last post, but is that time of year where I start having some time again.  During the summer I joined a drill team, CT Team 24, over the summer which kept me busy with practice two to three times a week.  I also was an acting road captain for CHOG.  It was a pretty good summer.  Well that is a quick update for the summer.

    Just Messing around with Office 2007

    Added on by Ray Insalaco.

    I just found that Word has the ability to create post for blogs. I had never seen that option before so this is just a quick test. I have quite a lot to get posting and have not really had the time to think about it. If this works I will try to get so new content posted.

    That's it for now.